Our table manners;

  • Relevant to the topic
  • Respectful of the platform and every individual on it
  • Positive in perspective
  • Constructive criticism
  • Helpful behaviour
  • Ethical approach
  • Original content
  • Referenced facts
  • Credible sources

And things we can’t digest;

  • Plagiarism of other’s work
  • Republishing what’s already online
  • Offence towards an individual or company
  • Profane language
  • Shaming people or companies
  • Inaccurate in facts and numbers  
  • Overly critical in approach
  • Bad grammar and spelling mistakes

Superheroes Can

  • Use the contribute tab to submit your story
  • We will review and share our feedback
  • If the content is as per posting and topic guidelines
  • You will be asked to share the final copy of the text in Word doc format
  • Including only 1 anchor link of your website
  • Along with supporting media like video links (to embed) and photos (????????)
  • A pretty (and professional) superhero like photo of your face, for the avatar
  • And finally, a 150 characters intro on who you are (or your super powers)

Just so we are clear, this entire process can take between 5-20 working days to publish the final post. But hey, it will be one of those pieces you can brag about.